Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun Times with Friends

May has been a busy month, what with Zane turning 8 months, Mother's Day and taking care of a baby with a cold, a trip to Boise for the Beth Moore Conference (which was awesome!), taking care of a baby with strep throat and scarlet fever, and getting strep throat myself! It's crazy but with all that going on we still managed to squeeze some in time with friends.
Zane and I got to hang out with Krista and Aiden a couple of times under the pretense of the moms getting to scrapbook. Well, with two infants, you can imagine how much scrapbooking actually got done, but hey, it's a good excuse to hang out!

Our friends the Davidsons where back in town at their cabin and Zane and I got to hang out with Pauline and Rylie one Friday afternoon. It's so fun to have friends with babies close in age with Zane.

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