Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random photos

I was just going through all of our pictures in effort to get caught up with my blogging and I came across a few from August that never made the blog. I love this yoga pose that Zane went through a phase of doing.

This next photo is of Zane enjoying one of his beans and rice from one of our favorite spots here in Kalispell, Bajio. We love going there once a week, because he enjoys the food and atmosphere. They play festive music and he will dance the whole time. I think this photo is actually when we had it to go one time!
At the end of August, we had the pleasure of seeing Luke's Aunt Bena and cousin Debra. They were visiting from AZ and staying with Luke's mom and aunt. It was great to get to see them- we miss you Arizona family! We were spoiled to get to live close to them for a couple of years when we lived in Phoenix. While they were here, we met them a couple times for dinner.
Our family
Barb, Joan, Debra, and Bena

These next two shots were just too cute to pass up!

Stay tuned for more pics from my parents' visit, my sister's visit, as well as our trip to the Pumpkin Patch....


KatieKate said...

Baby yoga! Oh my word... that photo is too funny.

Christy said...

What a handsome little man!!!

Amanda said...

Your kid is real cute. real real cute.

Kelly Clark said...

What a cutie & he KNOWS it! ;)

The Morgans said...

So glad you are posting again!! Keep it coming.... :)