Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Parents' Visit

Well, I went to bed early and slept for a few hours and now I'm awake so I thought I'd work a little on the blog. I'll never stay caught up if I never actually blog! So, here are a few more pictures from my parents' visit back in September. We had a great time with them. It was there first road trip up here and it was nice to have them here for longer than a long weekend. We were glad that they could be here to help us celebrate Zane's birthday. We did a little sight seeing, but mainly enjoyed just hanging out. It was perfect weather while they were here, so we were able to enjoy several beautiful walks. Zane had so much fun with them too, and learned to play catch with my dad, which quickly became a favorite activity. He also developed a love for the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear while they were here, and they had the chance to read it to him several times.

Thanks so much for coming Mama and Daddy. We had so much fun and enjoyed having you here. We look forward to getting to see you in December. We love you both!

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Amy B. said...

Hey, I must have been having sympathy sleeplessness. I was so wired last night, like I'd had coffee. It was after 1 a.m. when I went to sleep and of course, Gideon woke up early this morning, which ended up being extra early with the time change!

But it's nice to see so many new things on the blog. Hope you get some rest today!