Monday, March 16, 2009

18 months and counting...

Last Tuesday Zane turned 18 months. I cannot believe that he'll be 2 in 6 months- it doesn't seem possible! He is very active and enjoys dancing, running around and just being silly in general. There's never a dull moment around here- that's for sure!
He has always seemed to enjoy music and has been quite the dancer. He also enjoys instruments of all kinds. He loves the piano and organ at Grandma and Aunt Noanie's. At church, he loves his weekly guitar time with our friend Andy who leads worship. So much so, that he is obsessed with Andy and the guitar. During the service and during practice before, he will sit so still and just watch Andy play the guitar. He even became obsessed with a toy guitar in the nursery. So, I finally decided to get him one of his very own. Here he is with his favorite toy- the "bitar" as he calls it. He finally has learned how to hold it, at first he would kinda just hold it up in the air. It seems as if he might be a left-handed guitar player.

Here's a little video of Zane playing his guitar.

We have a Saturday morning breakfast burrito tradition. This past Saturday morning I was in Luke's office talking to him when I realized that Zane was being awfully quite in the other room. When I walked into the living room, this is how I found Zane. Apparently, he had found the left over salsa on the table and decided he wanted to eat it. We also found bits of leftover tortilla strewn about the kitchen and living room.
On Sunday, we went over to our friends Shane and Julie's house for lunch. They just had baby Gabe in January and Zane is obsessed with him. He wanted to hold him or be close to him at all times. He was actually pretty gentle with him.

Zane and "Bady" Gabe
It seems just like yesterday that everyone referred to Zane as Baby Zane. He looks like such a big boy compared to lil' Gabriel. He's getting too big! We will go to the doctor on Wednesday and I'm anxious to see just how big he is.


KatieKate said...

Oh my word, Rach... I cannot even stand it. He is such a heartbreaker! Look at the bitar! Those curls! I'm a fan.

And yesterday, I 'lost' Rylie... it was too quiet. And I looked and looked adn there she was- quietly dismantling the bathroom cabinet and sitting peacfully inside it. They are so funny :)

Christy said...

What a sweet boy--I love him with the baby--so gentle!!!

Kelly said...

I love the videos. I cannot beleive how big he is & loving the curly hair!!! :)

Zoe said...

Sweet little Zane.
See we can still call him little Zane if not Baby Zane.
I too love those sweet curls!