Monday, May 18, 2009

A Night on the Town (5.8.09)

Since I was in Texas on my actual birthday, and Luke had to leave TX that day, he planned a night away for us once I got home from the trip (I will be posting pics from the trip later- way too many to go thru!). So, he arranged for his mom and aunt to come stay the night at our house with Zane. We went to Whitefish and ate dinner at one of our favorite spots- Pescado Blanco. There is a shortage of good Mexican food here in the valley, but this place never disappoints. After dinner, we went back to Whitefish Lake Lodge, our beautiful accommodations for the night. We had dessert in the the hotel's restaurant that over looks the lake- what a beautiful backdrop. The next morning we ate breakfast at another favorite spot- Loula's. It was such a fun treat to sneak away for an evening with my hubby. Thanks so much for celebrating my birthday in such a special way, Luke! I had so much fun with you. Thanks also for the beautiful earrings and necklace. I love you!


The Morgans said...

That place looks nice! What a sweet hubby you got there!

Zoe said...

Great job Luke sounds like a great birthday!