Saturday, December 8, 2012


We have a new appreciation for Fridays in our home this fall. Since Zane goes to school Monday-Thursday, it is the only day we don't have to rush around to be out the door first thing in the morning. Often times Zane requests to have PJ day and I am more than happy to oblige. This past Friday the weather was cloudy and cooler- the perfect day for a PJ day. The boys watched a few Christmas shows (they got up a little earlier than normal so they watched a little more than normal) while I made some muffins  for breakfast, 
they played/fought in their rooms and in the playroom, and then I decided we needed to get out of the house for a while and went for a walk with the boys in their pajamas.

After naptime (or rest time, I should say since this was the first time neither Jude or Cole took a nap), we loaded up with the Pitts and headed to the amphitheater/clubhouse to see Santa and some reindeer. Once we got there we quickly checked out the reindeer and then met up with the Speer crew and Zane's friend Gianna and family.

We actually had to leave before Santa got there (remember I said the twins did not nap) and the boys had more fun playing with all of their friends in the leaves and throwing rocks in the trash can than looking at the reindeer. 
The twins were fading so I headed to the van while Meredith got a couple of pictures of the big boys and Natalie in the sleigh.
Once we got back to the house, all of the kids played together for a while outside and at the Pitts' house. Thankfully Luke got home from work a little early. It was a fun day overall. I'll miss our lazy Fridays all together with my boys next year when Zane goes to kindergarten all day Monday-Friday (I need to cherish these special times with him...