Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families. We have had a great time with Luke's family. Luke and I were behind with our Christmas preparations this year due to his last semester of graduate work, so this week started out a little rocky but has since calmed down. We got back from Alabama/Georgia late Monday night, and spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday finishing our Christmas shopping and decorating our house (I know, sad but true!). Wednesday night we attended the candlelight Christmas Eve service out our church and went to his mom's house afterward. These two pictures were taken in front of the fireplace. That is an enlarged replica of the brand they used when they lived on "the hill" above us in the picture. Mark took these pictures and I was quite pleased!This is our second Christmas to have a real tree. In 2006, Luke actually went out and cut down our tree. You have to get a permit but it only costs $5. He picked a really tall tree and actually had to cut off about 4 feet once he got it home so it would fit in our house. Well this year, he did not have the time to go out and cut one down so we decided to get one from the lot. Well, in keeping with tradition he picked out another tall tree. This time however he only had to cut off a few inches from the top. His mom says that he picks out trees just like his dad did!

Luke and I were glad when Zane slept in until almost 8 Christmas morning! Here he is checking out the tree...and opening presents- which mainly consisted of him pulling out tissue paper and playing with that, or tearing off a little wrapping paper and playing with that, and then us chasing him around to get him to come open his other presents...
Since Zane loves playing with our cell phones, we decided he needed his own. He seemed to enjoy it.

He loves balls so Luke picked out a nice set of 4 that are soft enough to play with in the house. They were a big hit as well. Here he is with the football.

Zane's cousin Gideon called to wish us a Merry Christmas in classic 2 year old style. He wanted to talk to Zane so I put the phone on speaker phone and Zane actually "talked" to him. Mainly I'm posting this picture to document that I was there on Christmas morning, since I am taking most of the pictures.

I love this picture of Zane- this is the new face he likes to make.
Ah, the wonder of Christmas!


The Morgans said...

What a great tree! Good job Luke!Love the new family pics!!

KatieKate said...

What IS it with kids and the cell phones? Ry won't accept a 'play' one. She knows. Mine is constantly a teensy bit sticky.

I am coveting the brand over the fireplace.

Thank you for posting and action shot of yourself! I miss seeing your face!

Kelly Clark said...

That is a beautiful tree and I love the family pic of you 3! Glad you had a good Christmas!