Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Summer Fun

We started out the morning eating breakfast and letting the boys watch some of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Surprisingly, they were all really interested and even had fun dancing around to "Hey Jude."

the boys watching the Olympics while eating their breakfast

Zane was really into it...he especially enjoyed all of the different countries walking in.
After taking our time getting ready, we loaded everyone up to head to Marietta's Market on the Square. The boys enjoyed taking in all of the fun surroundings and especially their fresh squeezed lemonade.
the boys loved the greyhound adoption booth, especially Zane-such gentle dogs

my fantastic 4
 Once we had viewed all the stands and made our purchases, we let the boys play on the train playground for a bit and then visited the fountain. It was a fun outing and we will have to go back soon.



double trouble

Zane loved the General and played here almost the whole time

the fountain

my sweet boys
We picked up lunch at Wendy's then headed to the house for naptime. I ran some errands while the kids slept and found some good deals in summer toys at Michael's for the boys, including a glove and ball for Zane. That night before bed Zane had the best time playing catch with Luke.

We enjoyed a yummy supper of BBQ chicken, grilled corn, a salad with fresh tomatoes from the market as well as fresh peaches. All in all, a very fun summer day with the family!

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