Friday, August 3, 2012

The LeBoeufs' Visit

Today our friends Sean and Rachel stopped by with their sons Samuel and Caleb. We first met the Leboeufs when we lived in Phoenix. Rachel and I were in a ladies' Bible study/prayer group together. We have been able to remain in contact all of these years and now we find ourselves living just 3 hours away from each other- they live in Tennessee. I had the pleasure of getting to see Rachel and our other AZ friend Kandis in January for a girls' weekend here in Atlanta.

Rachel had called a week ago saying they were meeting up with family for the weekend in Atlanta and wondered if we would be up for a visit which of course we were! We had such a fun time with them. The boys all played so well together and they were sweet to bring us Chickfila for lunch. Sean and Rachel snapped some photos of the whole crew- 5 boys in all, and one more on the way(they are due in December). 


Samuel and Jude playing with trains

the whole gang

the whole gang take #2

Ironman and Spiderman

Look at those muscles!

sweet boys!

Caleb was the cutest Captain America

Superhero friends- I had already put the twins down for a nap so they missed out on the superhero fun!

Thanks Sean and Rachel for stopping by and for bringing us lunch. It was great seeing you guys and I loved how well the boys played together. I especially loved the Superhero photo shoot! Thanks for being on top of things and taking some pictures. We'll have to get together again soon!

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