Friday, August 10, 2012

Lunch with Luke at Ikea

Luke and the boys
Today we went and picked Luke up and went to lunch at IKEA. We all love IKEA and ended up going there several times last summer but have not been in a while. It is a very kid friendly environment and we especially like to eat fact we have been known to go to IKEA and only buy food!
always hard to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time
me and the twins...kinda dark but I am hardly in any pictures

twins enjoying their fries
We had a nice lunch and a successful shopping trip as well. Last week when our friends the Leboeufs stopped by for a visit, I got out our small set of train tracks and decided we needed to add to it. Earlier this week I got the new Ikea catalog in the mail and was happy to find they had some very affordable tracks that would be compatible with the ones we already have. When we got home, I quickly set them out and the boys really enjoyed them. I think Luke even enjoyed them when he got home, as he set out to rearrange them so the smaller trains could go under the bridge. The boys were much more impressed and entertained with his design over mine.
the boys enjoying the new tracks

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