Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last week of summer

Wow, we had a busy, but fun last week of summer! We started out the week with our first outing to Acworth Beach. Now ordinarily, this is not the kind of outing I would do by myself. However, my fellow twin mom friend Fran had invited us and I felt it was a good opportunity to get to know them better. Her twins Jack and Owen are about 4 months older than Jude and Cole. We have met up with them on a few other occasions and the boys play well together. She was bringing her teenage niece with her so we had a little extra help. All in all, it went better than I expected- Zane loved swimming in the water and the twins were perfectly content to play right at the water's edge. Lunchtime did not go great (I must get them each their own lunchbox I have decided) and it was a huge hassle loading everything up(even though Fran graciously kept an eye on all the boys so I could do so) and changing everyone's clothes to get in the car and go home. There was sand everywhere and once we got home, everyone needed a bath. It took the boys a while to settle down, but thankfully we all got naps that afternoon!
Cole and Jude eating a snack

Even though I brought our own toys, they of course enjoyed playing with the toys our friends brought.

I'm frustrated that I didn't get any other pic of Zane-that's his little head in the middle of the picture.

On Tuesday, I decided we needed a day to recover and Zane absolutely loves having a PJ day. Luke was leaving on a trip later that day so he decided to go in to work late so he could see the boys. Once they were up, he said his goodbyes and I loaded the boys up to go get a special treat for breakfast- Wendy's.

Zane enjoyed his breakfast sandwich.
Jude loved the sausage...I love his cheesy grin :)
And Cole, he loved his breakfast potatoes, or "fries" as he kept saying
The rest of the day we managed to be fairly lazy, with the exception of a quick trip to Publix for a few essentials and free sprinkled cookies of course. The boys had fun playing together and thankfully everyone took good naps again. Here are some random pics of my silly boys playing...
Cool Cole
Zane's zany bed hair

Before bedtime, Luke has started telling the boys to go get a book and read. This usually follows the nighttime wrestle session with Daddy when he is in town. I told them to go get a book right before bed, and they followed suit.
my sweet readers
On Wednesday, Ms. Thelma came and watched the boys so I could take my last swimming lesson from Morgan. After my lesson, I got ready and then Zane and I ran to Target to finish school supply shopping. It was fun to spend a little one on one time with my pre-k student. We picked up Chick-fil-a for a special lunch treat.
Later that day we were able to meet up with Zoe, Henry and Emma at the basketball park for a little bit. After the Speers left, we went to the firetruck playground to play. I actually let the twins walk instead of using the stroller and they did surprisingly well and walked the whole time.

Thursday morning, Ms. Thelma came back to the house and watched the twins while Zane and I went to the Meet and Greet at his school, Summit Baptist Christian Academy. Zane kept saying that he might be shy...I explained to him that he is not shy(anyone who knows him knows this), but that he was probably feeling nervous and that was normal. We went into the worship center for an informational meeting and then got to go to his new classroom and meet his new teacher Ms. Janel. The kids were encouraged to explore the room while the parents sat and filled out paperwork. Zane was excited to get his new school bag and a new school t-shirt just his size.

I wanted to get a picture of him with his teacher. At first he didn't want to until Ms. Janel said that if he took the picture, he could have the car he had been playing with the whole time. He got a huge smile on his face and just like that, he was ready for the picture. He was so excited about his new-to-him "transformer" car. On our way out, we stopped by his class from last year and he was so excited to see Ms. Colleen. He eagerly agreed to have his picture taken with her and she didn't have to give him anything!
Zane and Ms. Janel
Zane and Ms. Colleen
On Friday, I planned for a low key day at home after such a busy week. We went to the playground for a while and thankfully we got to see our friends the Pitts in the afternoon. Eventhough we had been busy, we hadn't been able to see much of our friends the last couple of weeks so the boys were excited to see them.
Cole upset over his broken stick
the twins enjoying Meredith's leftover ice
Saturday, the Speers were kind enough to let us come hang out while our front door was being worked on all morning. All of the kids had not played together in a while and they had such a great time. Thanks Erik and Zoe for letting us come hang...we love you guys and your sweet kiddos!
Jude taking a picture
Cole and Emma looking out the window
love this of all the kids watching Coco- the Speers' "visitation pet"

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