Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pigs and Peaches

We went to the annual Kennesaw Pigs and Peaches festival yesterday. We went last year with the Speers and the kids loved it so we decided we had to go again. Unfortunately we didn't coordinate as well with the Speers this year so we only got to see them for a few minutes.

Luke dropped me off with the boys so he could go park. We walked over to the baseball field where they had a helicopter giving people rides. This proved to be a hit again, just like last year. The boys enjoyed watching it take off and land. Zane was so excited that he could feel the wind generated by the helicopter blowing on him.
the twins liked it but were also a little frightened by it...
Zane without a doubt, loved it!
 Once Luke met up with us we headed toward the kid area. The first stop was to get tickets then on to the bungee trampoline jump. Zane loved this again as much as he did last year and was able to go a lot higher.

love his expression mid-jump
he was really high up!
We got the twins out of the stroller and tried to get them to go in the bounce houses, but they just weren't interested. Cole actually went in, but would stay half in and half out. Zane of course, loved all of the bounce houses and the big slide, too. The twins were really entertained when Zane took a turn on the bucking sheep. You can hear them laughing on the video.
making his way up the big slide
While Zane played on all the different things, the twins enjoyed eating their kettle corn and watching the animals at the petting zoo.
I thought the twins might want to go in and pet the animals but when I asked them, Jude was saying no and waving his hand no, while Cole was saying "stinky animals."
Zane looking at the petting zoo and the ponies
After Zane had done most everything(I am still surprised that he didn't mention wanting to do the two water slides they had- next year we'll have to dress the boys in their swimsuits to be prepared), Luke grabbed some of the BBQ for us to go for lunch. I should have gotten a picture of him trying to carry the 6 to go boxes he was given. The twins were done- in their defense, it was hot and they have been battling a cold. I think that is why they were just content to sit in the stroller most of the time. Hopefully, next year they will be more active participants in the festivities.

We all enjoyed our yummy barbecue lunch once we got home- Zane really put it away! The boys then enjoyed some homemade cookies for dessert. After lunch, the boys had the best time playing in the playroom. We were thankful that the twins' moods improved dramatically and they even took 3+ hours naps- we successfully tired them out, I guess.
Cole eating his cookie
Jude and his cheesy/ chocolaty grin

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