Monday, August 20, 2012

Zane's first day of Pre-K

Zane was so ready to go back to school. Most of his friends had been in school for a couple of weeks and he was really needing more social interaction. He went to bed so excited and woke up ready to start the day. Luke went in a little late so he could see Zane since he usually leaves before the boys wake up. Zane enjoyed spending a little special time with his daddy, of course.
This boy sure loves his daddy!

2 of my handsome fellas

a father-son chat

Zane was also so excited to wear his new school shirt today. You see by the time he started school in January this last school year, they were out of shirts his size. They gave him one but it was so big it made a good night shirt so he was never able to wear it to school.

After Luke left for work, Zane went upstairs to do his morning routine. I made him some of his favorite muffins for breakfast along with turkey sausage. Before I knew it, it was time for all the boys to come downstairs and eat breakfast. The time flew by and soon we were out front taking the 1st day of school pictures. My neighbor Meredith was sweet to take a couple of me with my big boy. I had done the same for her a couple of weeks ago on Jackson's 1st day.
my big boy and me

love his expression here

had to copy this idea from pinterest :)

He was so excited the whole way there and when it was his turn to get out of the car in the car line, he had the biggest smile on his face. Having never been one to suffer from separation anxiety, he got out and never looked back. I was proud of myself because I did not get emotional at all- just like that, it seemed like a normal part of the routine again.

After I dropped him off, I took the twins into the foyer for "Tissues and Tea." The church does this for the parents the first day of the school year. They had some food and drinks set out. I visited with an associate pastor of the church who was quite interested in the twins since he has twin 21 year old sons. The twins enjoyed the food especially. After a few minutes, we headed home. Once we got home, the boys wanted to play outside so I thought I should try and start raking some of these leaves. The twins had fun playing in the leaves.
my sweet helpers Cole and Jude raking

We ended up going to the playground for a while, then we came home and the boys entertained themselves while I vacuumed. Before long, it was time to pick up Zane from school. He was excited to see us and reported that he had a fun day at school. He was particularly excited about the fact that he got to check out a book from the library.

Zane, we are so proud of you! You are growing up so fast- we cannot believe that you will be 5 soon. We hope that you continue to love school and can't wait to watch you learn and grow this year. We love you so very much!

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