Sunday, August 26, 2012

First week of school

Well, we officially survived the first week of school! I was a little worried Tuesday morning when he said that he was tired and he didn't want to go. This was his first time to have to go consecutive days since he went MWF last year. I went ahead and made him get ready and eat his breakfast. He seemed a little better after that so we went ahead and loaded up. Once we were on our way, I could tell he was excited to go and thankfully that was the only morning he was a little hesitant.

He seems to love his new class and teacher. I think one of the highlights of the week for him was getting to check out a book from the library.
sweet boy so proud of his book- we had to read a different story almost everyday
It's been so good for all of us to get back into the school routine. The twins and I managed to stay busy while Zane was at school. Tuesday we visited a local MOPS group for the first time and we all had a good time. Wednesday morning we went to the park for a twins' play date with the mothers of multiples group I joined recently- NOWAMOM. Thursday we just came back to the house so I could get a few things done.
my sweet boys eating a snack at the park(Jude is on the left)

Jude loves lining things up. The boys had found these cards getting into a cabinet they shouldn't be getting into.
Jude in action
Cole wanting to get in on the action
sweet boys entertaining themselves

By Friday, we were all exhausted and had a much needed PJ day. The twins had a bit of a cold and Zane was saying he didn't feel well either so we had a low key day. Thankfully everyone seemed better yesterday and today. Tonight before bed, I remembered that Zane needed to practice writing his name for school. His teacher had sent home a page for him to practice on and if he brings it back he will get a special treat. I will have to make sure and not wait until the last minute next time. The twins decided they needed to color too and they actually sat at the table for a good while coloring and playing with the crayons (instead of eating them like they usually do!).

I must do better about getting up a little earlier this week- last week was a bit of shock to the system. I am so thankful for a great week and weekend with my guys.

Luke helping
my hard worker
I am not sure if Jude enjoyed coloring or lining the crayons up more :)
Cole definitely enjoyed playing with the crayons over actually coloring
He did color a little bit.
one more of Jude- he was definitely into coloring!

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KatieKate said...

So glad you're posting again.

Happy first week of school, Zane! We start today and will be navigating every day, as well. I think Rylie will be just as tired as you were! I'm so glad you love your teacher! She is so special!