Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

It was so great having Luke home with us for three days...why can't every weekend be a three day weekend?! I felt pressure to do something fun (probably because of Facebook and seeing what everyone else was doing) until I finally realized that just getting to hang out, relax and enjoy being together would be fun, too.

I am thankful for sweet little boys who still enjoy the simple things, like eating ice cream,

 playing with cars, 

 wrestling with their dad, 

sharing popcorn and a lemonade at Target, playing with tissues(the twins somehow got the Kleenex box down and had the best time making a huge mess with the tissues-they were too cute and having too much fun to get mad),

 Jude's turn
 picking them up to throw them up in the air...
pushing diaper boxes around, 

walking the mall and spotting Mickey. Cole stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the huge Mickey outside the Disney store. The boys were so cute running towards him with so much excitement. A nice man offered to take a picture of all of us-I was thrilled to actually be in a picture!
the boys were being less than cooperative- I love how Cole is just looking up at Mickey...

Saturday marked the beginning of Auburn football season, so we were all decked out in our Auburn attire. I tried to get a photo of the guys, and although I got several, not one of them has everyone looking at the camera. 
Okay, so everyone may be looking at the camera here but Zane is blurry and Jude looks unhappy.

After we got the boys down, Erik and Zoe came over to watch the game. I made 7 layer dip (per Luke and Erik's request) and baked the last of the chocolate chip cookies I had made the week before and put in the freezer. It was so fun to have them over and get to hang out and visit sans kiddos (although it is so fun when we are all together, too). It made me realize how much I miss hosting gatherings- we always had people over in Montana for different occasions and we just haven't done that much here at all.

This weekend was a good reminder for me that there are simple joys in the mundane, everyday life that we sometimes overlook searching for the "Facebook worthy" fun moments. Once I let go of that feeling, that desire to do something "fun," I was able to enjoy the low-key, slower paced time with my family. I need to appreciate this time in life when the boys are easily entertained and happy just to be together.

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KatieKate said...

What IS it with pushing the diaper boxes around? Gus can spend an entire day doing this.

You are stunning, Friend! And your family is gorgeous :)