Monday, September 17, 2012

Papa & Memaw's visit

Well, sadly this morning we said goodbye to my parents. I am thankful for the great time we had together. I realized that while I had gotten pictures of my parents with the twins, I did not have any of the Zane with them. So before we loaded up to take Zane to school, I squeezed in a quick photo session.
this was blurry but I cannot believe how big/old he looks in it...

 Then I tried to get one of them with all of the boys. I think I actually got a better one with my mom's camera so I will have to get that from her.

 The boys had so much fun with Papa and Memaw, whether it was playing dominoes

or taking "naps" with Papa, 
going on walks to the playground,
 Memaw with Jude

reading books with Memaw, or just hanging out.
Jude and Zane were being so sweet one afternoon after nap time.
Cole decided he needed to be in the picture, too.
I was so thankful they could be here for Zane's birthday and his first t-ball games. I especially enjoyed having constant adult interaction and was spoiled by my mom, the dish fairy- she is so great to always do the dishes when they come to visit. They were also sweet to watch the twins every morning while I took Zane to school- it's funny how alone time in the car is such a treat/luxury these days! Luke and I also managed to go out a few times to run errands, once to hang out with the Speers, and once for a dinner date. It's nice to have free babysitting every now and again!

While Zane was at school, Jude and Cole were able to enjoy special time with Papa and Memaw either just playing at the house,
 more dominoes with Papa
  or going to the playground. One day while waiting for Zane, we went to the playground by the train museum.

both boys were obsessed with throwing the mulch in the trash cans

One day, I let Zane stay home from school with Papa and Memaw while I took the twins to my weekly Bible study. He had such a fun time getting to go on an outing with them to the grocery store as well as getting a special treat from McDonald's- a Sprite. Apparently my dad said that when they pulled up to the drive-thru, Zane said,"I'll have a medium Sprite." 
My dad said,"No, you'll have a small."
Zane replied,"Ok."
My dad was so tickled when he told me this later and said,"You can't blame a fella for trying."

On Saturday, we went to Marietta Square where we had gone to the Farmers' Market earlier this summer  for the Marietta StreetFest. In addition to the usual food and art stands, they had a car show with a lot of classic old cars including an old fire engine complete with a fireman handing out hats for the kids. There was a kids' zone with inflatables where Zane enjoyed jumping,
and a booth where the kids got to spin a wheel for a free prize. All of the boys ended up with a free applesauce.

We all enjoyed some fresh squeezed lemonades, limeades, and cherry limeades- the perfect refreshing treat for a warm sunny morning.
 the boys love their lemonade
The boys got to expend some energy at the train playground,
taking turns pretending to be the engineer

Cole is closest to camera and is in the photo below.

and sliding down the slide.

After the playground, we had to make one last stop at the fountain...oh how they love the fountain!

As we were leaving the StreetFest, Papa decided he would treat us to some Dickey's Barbecue, which we all thoroughly enjoyed once we got home. After naps, it was time for Zane's 2nd t-ball game and he was so excited because they got to wear their uniforms. For some reason, I failed to take any pictures of Zane at the game but I got these of his loyal fans during the game...

 After the game, I got a few pictures of Zane in his uniform. Cole wanted to be in the pictures, too, where as Jude had no interest whatsoever.
 blurry but cute!

The boys had so much fun wrestling with Luke that night, and at one point they were all on the guest bed listening to him read a story. Papa wanted a picture.
my sweet boys love their daddy

On Sunday, we ended up staying home from church since it was our last day with Papa and Memaw. We had a relaxing morning at the house and got out briefly to run to Target so Zane could spend some more of his birthday money. He decided on a Spiderman car and has been playing with it almost nonstop ever since.

My mom and I went to Barnes & Noble during nap time while Luke stayed at the house to mow. She treated me to the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook and a Starbucks drink- so sweet of her! Once we got home, I finished supper preparations- I had put a roast in the oven earlier, and we ate. We got to eat the yummy corn Luke had picked up at the Farmers' Market. The boys come by their love of corn-on-the-cob honestly from their mother, and me from my dad. My dad said that at one point while he was eating his corn, he looked up and Cole was looking at him and with a big smile said, "Is that good?" to my dad. My dad said yes and asked him if his was good and Cole smiled and said yes.

Mama/Memaw and Daddy/Papa, 
Thanks so much for making the trip out to see us. We had such a great time and are all a little sad to see you go. The twins asked about you when they got up from their nap and hollered out for you on the way downstairs just to make sure you weren't here. Zane has said already that he misses you, too. Thanks for all of the help with the boys- entertaining them, watching after them, loving on them, and for all the help around the house, running to the grocery store and especially making the dishes disappear so quickly throughout the day, Mama! Thanks for all of the yummy food you bought for us too- BBQ, fried chicken, donuts, cookies, ice cream and chips. We are thankful for the fun memories we made and look forward to the next visit. Love you both so much!


KatieKate said...

Grandparents are simply the best.
Great memories, Rach!

Amy B said...

Zane does look so big in that first pic with Memaw and Papa - his legs look so long!

Zoe said...

You do have sweet parents!