Saturday, September 8, 2012

Superheroes Unite!

It's a's a, it's Super Zane! 
Today we celebrated Zane's 5th birthday a couple days early, in superhero style, even though he had a super hero party last year. What can I say, the boy loves superheroes! This time, however, I was able to use some fun ideas and free printables I found on Pinterest, like these cute invitations,
 these cupcake toppers,
this banner,
this subway art and favor bag tags.
Zane was so excited when he woke up this morning- he couldn't wait for his party! Luke and I gave him a present for the party- a Superman shirt and a Superman toy. He had been asking for sometime for a Superman toy since he didn't have one.
He was so excited to get dressed and head down to show off his new things to Papa and Memaw. Next on the agenda was breakfast. Papa and Memaw said they would treat us to breakfast and we let the birthday boy pick- first he said McDonalds, but at the last minute he changed his mind to Dunkin' Donuts. He got to go with Papa and Daddy, while I frosted the cupcakes I had made the night before and Memaw helped straighten up the kitchen. The twins were still playing happily in their cribs upstairs. Once they were back, we ate quickly and then we began setting up everything for the party while the boys watched a show.
We hung the banner, got the table ready, and set out the treat bags and drinks.
We set out the Spiderman pinata,
and located all of the superhero toys and costumes.
Soon it was party time, and our guests started arriving. I was thankful my parents were able to be here this year- they had to miss last year due to my mom's double knee replacement surgery. Zane was so excited that Papa and Memaw were here for his birthday again- last year is the only one they have missed. The Speer family and Pitt family, as well as Ms. Thelma rounded out those in attendance. The kids wasted no time getting dressed up.
Ironman Jackson,
 Buzz Lightyear Henry,
and Captain America Natalie were just some of the superheroes that came to help celebrate Zane's birthday.

After the kids played for a bit, it was time to sing to the birthday boy and eat cupcakes.

 Everyone enjoying the cupcakes...Cole, Jackson, Henry and Jude
 William, the birthday boy, Blythe and Cole again and the back of Natalie's head
 the whole crew at the table
 Sweet Emma
 Love his smile here...
 Zane hardly ate any of his cupcake...I think he was too caught up in all of the excitement. Everyone else had finished theirs and so he finally asked if he could eat his later so he could join the rest of the kids. There was more fun to be had whether it was dressing up,
or rocking out with the gang.

Next up was the much anticipated Spiderman pinata. It was a huge hit...we had everyone hold a couple of strings and on the count of three, everyone pulled and with a little help from Luke, the children were showered with candy and excitedly began to gather as much as their little hands could hold.

Once the pinata was done and we had picked up and divided up the candy among the kids, it was time for presents. Everyone was so generous. He got some new clothes and his first Lego set from Ms. Thelma, a Captain America shield from the Pitts(which he absolutely loves because it is cool and shoots bullets),
5 one dollar bills from my parents that were a huge hit (along with some nice new clothes)
and a Target gift card from the Speers (he was so excited!)

We are so thankful for our sweet friends and family that were able to be here to help celebrate. He had a great time, and I think it's safe to say the rest of the kids did, too.
the whole all these sweet kids!
the gang minus Emma

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um, most perfect birthday party EVER
So great, Rach!