Sunday, September 9, 2012

Let's play ball!

Friday night Zane had his first t-ball practice and his 1st game was Saturday afternoon. Our neighborhood has a t-ball league for 3-5 year olds. Luke and Erik are co-coaching his team and we are excited that William and Henry are on his team. They will have practices every Friday at 6pm and games on Saturday afternoon September-October.

 Ready for practice
ready to leave with Coach Luke
Luke and Zane left ahead of us to get to the field early before the game. The twins were still napping so I had to wake them up so we wouldn't be late to the game. Thankfully, Jude and Cole were happy in the stroller eating snacks most of the game. I did let them out for about the last 10 minutes to run around some. 
Each child had a turn at bat and got to run the bases, as well as taking turns fielding the ball when the other team was up to bat. One of the times Zane had a turn getting the ball, he lifted his leg like a pitcher and gave it a good throw...I wish I would have gotten a picture of that!
in the dugout
Zane up to bat
 so glad Papa and Memaw could see his first game
 in the "outfield"
 love how serious he is here
 all of our guys

 Henry's turn
 William's turn

 When I let the twins out of the stroller, the first thing they wanted to do was sit by Memaw and Papa.

They look like such big boys sitting up there!
We had a good's crazy to think this is just the beginning for us. I see a lot of t-ball games in our future.

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KatieKate said...

That picture of him crouched down with his mitt is SO perfect! I'm so glad you and Zoe and all the family will have great baseball memories together!