Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Zane!

Even though we had his party Saturday, I tried to make Monday special for him. He got to choose what he wanted to eat at every meal- egg in a basket for breakfast, pancakes for lunch,
and Mac and cheese, carrots, a pickle, and celery for supper. I was so surprised by his simple choices and the fact that he chose to eat at home. We took mini cupcakes to share with his class at school.

 even Cole and Jude got a cupcake

 so fun to have your brothers and Papa and Memaw in your class

 me and my sweet 5 year old...both are blurry but the only ones I got!

During nap time, I took him to Target to shop using his gift card and $5 from his party. He was so excited to spend his money! After perusing the toy aisles and narrowing it down to a couple of things, he decided on a Spiderman costume almost instantly when we reached the Halloween costume section. He looked like such a big boy when he was checking out.

Once Luke got home, he was able to open 4 birthday cards & once again we were overwhelmed with our family's generosity.
 Daddy helping him read the cards

 Mark and Wendi sent $5 dollars several ways...
He also put on his new costume and had fun playing superheroes with his daddy.
When we tucked him in bed, we sang "Happy Birthday" to him one last time and he had such a sweet contented grin.

Zane, we cannot believe you are 5 years old! This time with you has flown are certainly not a baby anymore! You have been such a joy and blessing to us (and everyone else who knows you or meets you) these 5 years. You always make quite an impression on everyone you meet with your outgoing, friendly personality (you know not a stranger), your smile, your eyes, and of course, your beautiful curly hair. You love music, sports, riding your bike, anything to do with superheroes, reading books, and especially your friends and family. You are such a sweet big brother to Jude and Cole and they love you and have so much fun playing with you. You are also such a good helper- whether it's cooking, picking up toys, making your bed, getting yourself dressed, doing the dishes, vacuuming, mowing the yard with Daddy, or helping out with your brothers.You constantly amaze us and we feel so honored and blessed to be your parents. We love you and are so proud of the big boy you are becoming.

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