Saturday, October 27, 2012

Auburn/Texas A&M game

Since Zane played Tball this fall, we had not been able to go to game day at Auburn this year. We were excited to get to go today and had fun stopping off at a tailgate of friends we met when we came to our first Auburn game with the Fullers in 2004. We had to keep Cole and Jude from playing in the open fire, pulling down the TV/satellite, and from eating all the cookies and doughnuts on the food table, so our visiting was limited a bit. Zane made fast friends with the kids and played football with them.

After a little visiting, we headed for the stadium and the Tiger Walk- where the band and team walk into the stadium. The boys enjoyed the band and saying hi to everyone we encountered.
thankful we got a picture of us all
on our way to Tiger Walk

so many Auburn and A&M fans
From there we walked across campus to get the usual Samford Hall picture and then on to Toomer's Corner for the must have Toomer's Drugs' famous lemonade. It was fun to get to talk to Auburn and Aggie fans alike.
Samford Hall
outside Toomer's Drugs
After we got our lemonade, we started the long trek back across campus to our van, passing by the stadium one last time. We were so pleased with how all of the boys did and thankful the twins had taken a nap on the way down to Auburn. We had a fun day and it was nice to get out of town for a few hours.

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sounds like a great time