Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We had a fun Halloween this year. The boys were pirates. I just assumed that Zane would want to be a superhero again, but a few weeks before he asked if he could be a pirate. I think he was inspired when the Speers brought him back a pirate sword, eye patch and spy glass from their trip to Disney World. I kept meaning to get costumes for the boys and finally went to the party store the Monday before Halloween (I have decided that in the future I will not be waiting to the last minute again). Thankfully they had a pirate costume that would fit Zane and 2 Jake and the Neverland Pirates costumes on sale for the twins. They even had a hook which I knew Zane would love. He was so excited when I showed him Tuesday morning and had fun trying it on for me.

At school Zane's class got to go to a pumpkin patch the teachers had made for them and pick out a small pumpkin they got to bring home. They got to look at the kindergarten class' decorated pumpkins and a farmer read them a story. They also got to eat special treats. After I picked Zane up from school, we went to Sonic for lunch- they were having 50 cent corn dogs all day. We had these one year when we were in Belton with Mark and Wendi and I think its kind of a fun tradition.

After nap, the boys got to have some Mickey Mouse Jack-o-lantern sugar cookies, which they loved.

my sweet big boy

Zane was so anxious to go trick-or-treating, but we had to wait until Luke got home from work. He had even left early, but traffic had been bad. I had fed the kids and was changing them into their costumes when he got home. Once they were dressed, I tried to get a few pics before we headed out.
Jake(Cole), Jake(Jude) and Captain Hook

the twins were also mistaken for ninjas and karate kids :)

We started on our street and did a few houses on our own.

We eventually met up with our neighbors the Pitts.
Zane, Natalie, Jackson, Alex, Jude and Cole

the twins were fascinated by this bush that had something on it that made it move.

We had a good time and it was fun watching the twins really get into it. They would say, "Trick or treat," and "thank you," and "Argh, Matey." Cole started saying, "More candy, please." Cole also was obsessed with wanting to close everyone's door for some reason. Last year we had kept them in the stroller the whole time, feeding them candy to keep them happy. This year, they walked almost the entire time- Luke had to carry Cole the last little bit because he was done. I could not believe how big they seemed- like little boys instead of babies. All in all, a great time- the only thing missing was getting to see the Speers.

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