Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally, the rest of the story...

Well, I decided to just put the rest of the pictures in a slide show, otherwise I met never finish the Texas trip post! Tuesday was a good day with family and ended with one of my favorites, yummy Chick-fil-a! Oh, how I miss it! Wednesday, the Speers came out again in the morning, and my sister and Gideon left, but not before an impromptu photo session with the grandparents. Thanks so much for coming down Amy, and for letting Zane use Gideon's car seat. That was a big help. We love you guys and look forward to the next visit.

Wednesday afternoon, Zane and I met up with Mark, Wendi and the kids. We had lunch at McAlister's (by the way, thanks for my lunch!) and then went back to the dorm. It was nice to just have a low key afternoon. And Wendi, I am a little jealous of your awesome room where you can scrapbook ( well, and also that you can actually find the time to do it... I am beginning to wonder if I will ever scrapbook again!).

Wednesday evening, I got to see all my girls at Chili's. I'm bummed because I left my camera in the car and did not get any pictures. It was great to visit and catch up without little ones to keep track of! I am thankful to have such great friends that remain near and dear to my heart, even though we are separated by many miles!

Thursday, I met Krystl and her lovely girls at Chick-fil-a for lunch (you know, I have to get my fill while I can!). Again, I did not take very many pictures... I'll have to do better next trip! That afternoon, we went to the Morgans. Jason's parents were in for the 4th and finally got to meet Zane. Abigail enjoyed entertaining Zane, however, Josh was not so thrilled to have him around.

Friday, the 4th, Zane and I stayed at my parents to rest up and finish packing. My parents prepared a wonderful lunch of steaks and an array of home grown veggies, including corn-on-the-cob, my absolute favorite! In the afternoon, we made the rounds, stopping here and there to get one last visit in. It seems no matter how long I stay, it is never long enough!

Saturday morning, Zane had to get in one last swing- oh how he loved that swing! We're going to have to invest in a swing set, I do believe! My parents drove us to the airport. Zane did great on the way home, and we were blessed to have the entire row to ourselves on each of our 3 flights!

Thanks again, Mama and Daddy, for your hospitality, the yummy food (especially all of the home grown veggies), and letting me drive your car all around! We had a great visit and look forward to y'all's trip up here. We love you!


Zoe said...

I HAVE to show Blythe the donkey pic.
Fun times :)

Christy said...

I am so glad I have pictures to look at. You made my Saturday night. Although--you forgot to write that you came to our house and that Zane took a good long nap in our room. I will try not to be too offended. Love you Rach!!

Louisiana Belle said...

Looks like a fun trip! You're so good to keep in touch with friends despite the distance. Love you, girlie!