Friday, July 18, 2008

Monday Afternoon

Right after Zane got up from his morning nap, Aunt Amy and cousin Gideon arrived. Zane was instantly intrigued by his cool older cousin. They are nine months apart, which seems a big difference now, but in a few years, won't matter as much. Zane loved crawling after him and trying to do whatever Gideon did. For some reason, both boys loved this vent. Gideon enjoyed putting his cars on it, while Zane enjoyed putting his mouth on it. Fabulous! Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

Note: Gideon is actually driving the cars while Zane chews on them!

Gideon was sweet and gave kisses to his cousin!

Fun times in the bath- I had a cute shot of their little buns, but didn't know if it would be appropriate for the internet, so I edited it!


KatieKate said...

aw... boy cousin love... so sweet :)

Zane looks SO TAN in that bathroom photo!

Tamra Perkinson said...

Gotta LOVE those bun shots!!! Nothing like a baby bootie to make you smile!

Your boy is so stinkin' cute!!! What a precious little blessing!

Christy said...

I can't believe how big Gideon is. Wish we could have made it out to your parents house. Next time you are in town we are coming-even if the boys are sick:)

Amanda said...

Hey, Rachel! What great pics! It's funny how different Gideon and Zane look, eh?

So, 10-month olds still like to eat everything?? I was hoping Stella would be done with that phase before then!!!