Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trip to Texas- Days 1&2

On June 28th, Zane and I left Luke behind in MT and headed for the great state of Texas by way of airplane. It was right at the time of Zane's afternoon nap, so I had hoped that he would fall asleep. Alas, this was not so. I guess there was just too much to take in. Thankfully, it was not a full flight, so we had the entire row to ourselves. We endured the intermittent fussy times together as he fought off sleep, until the last 10 minutes or so of the flight, when he finally succumbed to slumber. This was short lived, however, as he woke up as soon as I got off the plane and put him in his stroller.

Our 2 hour layover was fairly uneventful, and then back on the plane. This time Zane did not fight off sleep, falling asleep almost instantly, and staying asleep for almost the entire flight, thankfully! We arrived in Austin after 11 pm and my parents greeted us at the airport. Zane took to my parents quickly, and once we got my luggage, we were on our way. We had a little drama trying to leave the airport. Apparently, the $20 bill that my dad gave the parking attendant did not pass the test of the highlighter, so her manager was called, as well as the police! Thankfully, the manager proved it to be real and not counterfeit, so we were able to leave, not before the police had arrived however.

After getting in so late Saturday night, we were all pretty tired. Sunday proved to be a nice and relaxing day. Zane got to try out the swing on my parents' new swing set for the first time and needless to say, it was a big hit. This became a part of our daily routine, right after breakfast each morning.

After we came in, I stripped Zane down to his onesie so he could cool off. He crawled over to the screen door and pulled himself up so he could keep an eye on Papa. I love this shot!
In the afternoon, after a trip to Target with my mom to pick up all the baby essentials: food, diapers,etc., and after his nap, Zane and I headed into Belton to visit Mark, Wendi and the kids. The kids were having a blast on the slip and slide, and Zane even got in on the action when Uncle Mark held him where he could stick his hand in the sprinkler.
Relaxing with Aunt Wendi
Bethany is so sweet and loves Zane. She always wants to hold him, even though she is not much bigger than he is. I love how Zane is studying her in this picture.
After some fun times with the cousins, we left in plenty of time to get Zane home for a much needed bath. He couldn't hold out and fell asleep in the car. He looked so cute in the seat, with his hand behind his head.
I didn't have the heart to wake him, managed to feed him while he was still asleep and put him to bed. I didn't even change his clothes- I just put him to bed in the outfit he had on. I, too was exhausted and headed to bed pretty early myself that night.

More later...


Louisiana Belle said...

Love the chunka-chunka on his legs in that shot of him looking out the door at Papa. I could just eat it up! He's adorable! So glad you got to go back home for a visit!

KatieKate said...

Yep- your dad, the counterfieter. Awesome.

Ry only sleeps the last 10 minutes of flights, too. Not great.

So glad you got to spend some time in Tejas with your families!

Amanda said...

I'm flying to Nashville on Wednesday...and I REALLY hope Stella sleeps...or in the least, doesn't cry like a crazy baby the whole time.

Love the pics!

Christy said...

That Zane is a trooper. He did so good on your trip.
Just a side note--I will now add comments on people's blogs. I remember you telling me you thought it was the nice thing to do. Now that I have a blog--I want comments too. You changed my thinking, Rach!!!

Zoe said...

WE love Zane :)
and...you and Luke too.