Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our Anniversary

On June 24th, Luke and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. Wow- eight years! That's hard to believe- where has the time gone? We have lived in 5 different cities, in seven different homes including 2 apartments, 1 cool place by the lake, and 4 houses (if you count the month that we lived with his mom and aunt when we first moved to Montana). We have shared many adventures together, as well as joys and sorrows along the way. Luke, I am truly blessed to have you by my side for this journey. Thank you for loving me always and being my best friend. You are one of God's greatest blessings in my life. I love you!

Luke's mom and aunt were kind enough to watch Zane at our house the night after our anniversary so we could go out. We couldn't remember the last time that we had been out on a date- we thought it might have been New Year's Eve. How sad is that? Anyway, we traveled down the road a few miles to the town of
Bigfork. It is a quaint town similar to Salado, for my Texas friends out there. We had a scrumptious dinner at the Bigfork Inn, followed by an enjoyable performance at the Bigfork Playhouse, where actors from across the nation come to perform during the summer. We saw Footloose- I've only seen parts of the movie, never in its entirety. I need to watch it now to compare.

Sidenote: For those fellow former Crusaders out there, what I mostly remember about Footloose, is from a Stunt Night when the Senior Class (Junior?) mistakenly won with their rendition, beating out our class (Freshman or Sophomore?), who should have won with Decent Dancing (at least I'm not bitter, right?!).

Here are some pictures from our wonderful evening. We've got to get out more! I'm sure most of you parents out there can totally relate. We had a great time. Thank you Mom and Noanie for staying with Zane so we could go out, even when you had to get up early for work the next morning.

Outside the Inn
The Inn after the musical


Lori said...

Happy Anniversary and love the face lift on your blog. Did you create it yourself?

Amy B. said...

I can't believe you haven't seen all of Footloose. Get thyself to Blockbuster, Netflix, the library and remedy the situation soon!

KatieKate said...

Yes, nice changes on the blog! So cute!

You MUST go see Footloose, Darlin'. It's a classic... and has, perhaps, the best first kiss scene in a movie :)

Happy anniversary!

Kelly Clark said...

Happy Anniversary! I'll have to try out that Bigfork Inn. We are going to see Footloose at the end of August and can't wait. You need to a see the movie...a classic! ;)

The Morgans said...

OK, in case you need to be told more one time: FOOTLOOSE - a must see!! Happy Anniversary!! Oh, I have the BEST memories of that special day. Love you two!! (and love the new blog design)

Amanda said...

Hey, Hot Moma!

I haven't seen Footloose either. Let's watch it together sometime, K?


Zoe said...

Footloose, footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes ;)
What a lovely anniversary.
Love the blog's new look.

Wendi F said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and a date night! The updated blog looks very cute. I am still working on the digital scrapbook stuff I think I found the program to use and will start messing with it on the way to Montana - nothing like 34 hours in the car to learn a new program.

Marie said...

Hi Rachel,
My cell got water damage and I don't have access to your mobile/home numbers. Could you send me your numbers again...PLEASE!?!?...=)

Also, got your message from home. But I can't remember your email I'm leaving a comment in hopes you'll get it!!

Did you get my email about Christmas in July card deals?!?! And my idea?!?

Web service up here in the mountains has been oh, so very limited due to Satellite service and heavy cloud cover and rains. NOT much fun!! =( I'm so phone, no web access...Somebody come save me!! Hope you are well....
Call me anytime at the cab 928-773-9657!! Be here for another 10 days. Aggghhh!!!!
marie a. jeffries
brian jr, alexander, and william's mommy