Saturday, June 20, 2009


Barb and Joan left to visit their other siblings in AZ on May 13th. Luke, Zane, and I took them to Missoula to the airport. Luke scheduled some appointments for work, so he dropped us off at the mall for a little shopping. Zane had a fun time playing on the playground, but I think he enjoyed the high school band/orchestra's performance the most. He sat so still and was enthralled with the group- it helped that someone was playing a base "bitar" - Zane still loves the guitar! I hope he always enjoys music as much as he does right now! We had a fun day and we're glad to welcome Barb and Joan home this past week- Grandma and Aunt Noanie, you were missed! We love you!

Just a slidin'
Havin' fun (I loved this even though it was blurry!)
Ready to slide
Music to his ears

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