Saturday, June 20, 2009

A few of my favorite things

Zane loves the lawn mower, or tractor, as he likes to call it. While we were in TX visiting Papa and Memaw, he got to ride Papa's tractor and ever since then, he cannot get enough. Sometimes when Luke mows the grass, Zane gets to go with him which he loves! However, he just enjoys getting to crawl around on it too, as evident from these pictures.

On this same day, when Luke got home from an appointment, we went on a walk down to the school and back. Every time we pass the school in the car, Zane notices the basketball court and says, "Basketball!" So of course, he loves it when he actually gets to play on it. There are usually balls left out on the court and this makes Zane oh so happy.
Nothin' but net

Just a swingin'- no walk is complete without at least one!
silly boy ready for his bath after a fun outing- I love that belly!

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