Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tutty Family Visit

The day after we took Marie to the airport in Spokane, our dear friends the Tuttys came for a visit. We met the Tuttys while we lived in AZ. My roommate from college Andrea actually put us in contact with them as she had known them when they lived in Boise. They were our first friends when we moved to AZ and we have many fond memories with them, including helping them move back to Boise 4 years ago. So, it's only fitting that they would be here visiting us when they found out that they'll be moving to Chicago in just a couple of weeks!

Kandis and Jeremy, we're so glad that you made it here for one last trip before you head to Chicago. I'm bummed that we never made it back to Boise, oh well, Chicago here we come! It was so fun having you here in the calm before the storm (or during)! We love you guys and we'll be praying for you as you embark on this new adventure! Thanks for your friendship!

One night we went to the Davidson's for dinner- they just happened to be in town as well, what good timing. Pauline made her father's delicious chicken soup and we enjoyed brownies for dessert. The kids had a blast running around outside and playing on the stairs! Thanks Jim and Pauline for having us over- I'm glad we got to visit with y'all as well. Pauline, we'll see you in July!

The girls-Pauline, Kandis and me
the kiddos- minus Zane
Zane- he LOVED the rocks in their drive way!
The kids- gotta love the bathtub shots!
Our husbands were so sweet to us- they loaded the kids up in the truck and headed for Glacier to ride bikes and pull them behind in bike trailers. Kandis and I had a relaxing 4-5 hours at home, getting ready at a leisurely pace, eating a bite of lunch and then watching a chick flick. It was so relaxing and the best part was, when they got back at 4, the little boys were so tired that they both took a nap- leaving us to be able to fix dinner in peace and quiet!
The guys- minus Chaucer, plus Kambry
The girls

Bye Tuttys- I love Luke and Zane peeking in the window!

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