Friday, February 15, 2008

Random Pics from January

Here are some random pictures from the month. Man, I love this kid!
Zane is definitely teething. He wants to put everything in his mouth.
He is working on his two bottom front teeth.

That feels good dad!
We got him a stationary entertainer for Christmas which he seems to enjoy!
Grandma Barb got this cap for Zane for Christmas.

Tummy time
First time trying out his Bumbo
We had put him on the mat on his tummy and the next thing we knew, he had rolled over. He rolled over for the first time when we were in Texas for Christmas.
Zane loves his daddy!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy blogging. I love all the pictures. The one of Zane and Luke watching football on the couch is especially cute.

Kelly said...

Zane is a cutie patootie! Miss seeing ya at Bible Study - maybe we can all do lunch again soon.

The Morgans said...

Look at you go blogger!!! I love your little man. He is getting so big....where is the time going?

Allison said...

Your blog is great! Zane is so cute! We need to have a girl's movie night now that y'all are well!

Angel said...

His eyes are KILLER gorgeous. I mean REALLY! Watch out world. Zane is coming. He is so sweet. Angel