Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun Times in February

I thought Zane looked so cute in these big boy pajamas!
Isn't he handsome?!
At the beginning of the month, Luke's boss and friend, Brent came to Montana to travel with Luke. He spent one night with us. We have known Brent since we lived in Texas, and Luke really enjoys working with him. We have become good friends with him and his wife. Every time we are in Phoenix, we enjoy getting to visit with them.
The first of many playdates with Krista, Aiden, Jolandie and Easton
We had small group at our house last Thursday night and Zane enjoyed flirting with his new friend Sophie.
Jayme stayed with us last night since both Matt and Christy are out of town. Zane could not stop staring at her. He likes his cousin! It's crazy to think that when he is in kindergarten, Jayme will be a freshman in college!


Jessica said...

Love those big boy pj's! What a cutie!

The Morgans said...

So is it appropriate for me to keep gushing over Zane and saying how handsome he is....since he looks just like his Daddy???!! I guess like father like out here comes another little ladies man. Gees, when you blog you blog, uh? LOVE the pictures of his sweet gummy smile.

Lori said...

I LOVE all the pictures!!! Can't believe sweet Zane is getting so big and so dang cute!!! Can't wait to spend some time with y'all.

KerrisKorner said...

I agree with Heidi...I keep thinking about how adorable he is and he looks JUST like dad! I guess that just means that you have a cute hubby too! Looks like a lot of fun with those 3 babies on mommy's lap on the's fun to have friends that are all in the same stage of life. At least that way you don't feel like you're going crazy by yourself!

Anonymous said...

Yeh, I am with Heidi too on that one. Zane is really cute though!!