Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Highchair

Zane continues to improve in the cereal eating category. I think he has finally gotten the hang of it. We have now expanded his diet to include not only rice cereal, but oatmeal as well. I could not resist posting these pics of Luke feeding Zane.
Whatcha doin' there, dad?
Dad, you sure make funny noises and faces to get me to eat my cereal!
I was excited when the highchair we ordered for Zane arrived. Here are some shots from the first day trying out the new chair. I can't believe that he is big enough to be sitting in a highchair eating cereal!


Angel said...

Awwwww look how BIG he looks!!!:0) Angel

Amy B said...

Wow! He looks really different in the new chair photos than the previous ones. Is his hair getting lighter? Something in his face is making me think of Gideon. Maybe they are related after all...