Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

We hope that you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Ours was quite busy. Friday afternoon Zane had his 6 month checkup. He was over 19 1/2 lbs and 27 inches long! What a big boy! He had two shots and did not cry much at all- he even managed a smile after the first one. Here are a few pictures of him from last week.

Friday evening we took dinner to our friends, Sam and Dawn. They had a baby a couple of weeks ago. Braden joined his older sister Talia. Here are a few pics from our visit.

The Wills
Zane meeting Braden
Braden Samuel Wills

Luke and I had the privlege of singing on the praise team for both morning services Sunday. Since we go to e3, the evening service, it was great to see people that we haven't seen in a while. They couldn't believe how much Zane had grown.

After church, we went over to Luke's mom and aunt's house for lunch. His aunt Bena is here from Tucson so she was there, along with Matt, Christy and the kids, as well as Christy's cousin's family. We ate a delicious meal and visited until it was time for us to get ready for e3. We headed back to the church for another service. Eventhough it was a long, busy day, it was a good day- our first Easter with Zane!
Our happy family
Zane entertaining Grandma Barb
Zane examining an Easter egg


Lori said...

Happy Easter Zane! I LOVE your sweet family picture!
I think Zane is gonna like Easter eggs....

Wendi F said...

What beautiful pictures of Zane - His eyes are so amazing! Are they still green/hazel? I can't believe he is almost 20 lbs and 6 months. Bethany will be 5 in 2 months and weighs 30 lbs!

The Other CLARKS... said...

What a beautiful family! I'm glad your Easter went well and of course...Zane is soooo friggin' handsome! :) Ya'll are a sweet family and hope you have a great week!

The Morgans said...

He gets more and more handsome with each passing month...Zane that is! :) I LOVE your family photo. Zane's smile is the BEST!!

Sam & Dawn said...

Loved the pics of your family on Easter! You guys all look so good! We really enjoyed hearing you sing on Sunday too...glad the day went well! Thanks for the yummy meal and loved seeing the cute pics of our kids together on your blog!

Louisiana Belle said...

What a big boy! He's going to pass Kambry up by the time he's a year old! He's beautiful! Can't wait to meet him in about 3 weeks! Love you!